Mercedes 600 (W100)

This exceptionally well-maintained vehicle was brought to Poland in 2018 from the sunny California by the Legends Duda-Cars team. Only 2700 of these cars were manufactured. A rare variant with single "bucket" seats at the back. Colours and engine numbers according to the VIN.
The car needs some refreshing. Roof condition very good. First original paint layer. An ideal investment, which will only gain in value. Excellent feature for a restaurant.

Technical details

Brand Mercedes-Benz
Model Inne
Typ nadwozia Sedan
Year 1971 r.
Kolor Brązowy
Milage 93879 km
Typ śilnika V8
Fuel Petrol
Engine power 250 KM
Transmission Skrzynia 4-biegowa
Tkanina Skóra
Doors 4
Leather upholstery

Gross price

799 000 PLN

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