How do you renovate Legends cars?

Renovation of Legends is a multi-stage process conducted in line with the highest applicable standards. 

We begin our work by disassembling the car into individual parts at our modern workshop in Golęczewo. After taking a detailed inventory, we assign parts depending on their state of wear and tear to the following categories:


  • parts suitable for renovation,
  • parts that require reconstruction,
  • factory-new parts.

In the next few steps, the body is cleaned and sent to the Legends sheet metal department to undergo some time-consuming works. After the sheet metal work has been completed, the bodywork is transferred to the specialised Legends paint shop. At the same time, the mechanical teams renovate suspension components, rebuild the drivetrain, engine and transmission components. Another team ensures the right condition of interior elements and car accessories.

After several months of works completed by dedicated teams, an exemplary Mercedes is created, which does not differ from the original vehicle that came out of the Mercedes factory years earlier. For all stages of the renovation, the car owner is provided with extensive photographic documentation and an ability to monitor progress of the renovation works online.