Take advantage of the professional investment advisory service

Passion for classic cars is a fascinating hobby, which requires extensive financial outlays. However, by making the right buying decisions and viewing them as an investment it is possible to get a return on the expenses incurred on this very specific market of material goods. Our long-standing experience allows us to not only offer assistance with finding, rebuilding and servicing your dream classic car, but also with ensuring that in addition to the pure joy of having it, it also brings you measurable financial benefits.

Thanks to continuous monitoring of world markets of classic and historic cars and changing trends, we are able to advise you on the best moment to sell or buy a specific model and assess the projected increase in its value in the coming years.

Why classic cars?

If you are looking for alternative investment methods that bring not only profits but also added value, you have come to the right place.

No other type of investment will give you as much satisfaction as a well-maintained classic car. It is not only about a unique driving experience, but also the prestige of owning a work of art on wheels.

Owners and enthusiasts of classic cars are often invited to elite meetings and events, attended by people not only from Europe, but also from all over the world. This may be an opportunity to meet new business partners, specialists and owners of the world's largest car collections.


There are many companies on the market that tempt investors with unrealistic rates of return and ideas for investing free funds. Unfortunately, quite often their representatives do not have adequate knowledge and history of market successes.

Insufficient knowledge about the situation on individual markets may result not only in wrong purchasing decisions, but also in the failure of negotiations. 

Technical knowledge of vintage and collector's cars is also very important when choosing a particular vehicle. It is vital to cooperate with experts, who can thoroughly check the car having a potential to become a part of your collection or investment.

Legends has been operating on the market for years, bringing cars from different parts of the world to Poland. During this period we have managed to gather a sufficient knowledge of the industry and a group of cooperating experts. The best evidence for this is the range of cars offered by Legends.


We are open to cooperate with people looking for specific models of collector cars and those who want to try this type of investment. We will suggest specific models that match customer's requirements and budget, offering both the search and purchase of selected vehicles.


Clarifying the list of interests and the budget is the basis for taking further actions.

Investment decisions are consulted with the customer at every stage, but the purchase of a specific car may involve taking quick steps to buy or beat the offer of a competitor. 

The search for cars meeting the customer expectations takes place both online and offline. The selected car, checked by our team, may be brought to the Legends headquarters at the customer's request and prepared for reception or delivered directly to the customer's door.

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