Regenerated parts

With time, most parts of every car are still valuable elements, ready to serve in other cars. Thanks to proper processing they get a second fully valuable life. Within the program of certified regenerated parts, we can offer a broad range – more than 100 thousand - of parts with a guarantee and at attractive prices.

Oryginalna kolekcja Mercedes-Benz

Jako dział firmy Duda-Cars, autoryzowanego dealera Mercedes-Benz jesteśmy w stanie zaoferować pełną kolekcją Classic Mercedes-Benz.


Modele samochodów w różnych skalach, stylowa odzież, zegarki, galanteria skórzana i wiele innych oryginalnych dodatków, z pewnością przypadną do gustu każdemu miłośnikowi klasycznych Mercedesów.

Technical Service

Special cars need special care. Which is why apart from selling classic Mercedes cars we also specialise in restoring their technical capability and as-new shine. By having a team of experienced mechanics-enthusiasts, access to an extensive range of original spare parts and accessories, as well as modern technical facilities, we are able to offer:

• Body repair/restoration service

• Comprehensive technical service of the engine and gearbox

• Full service for the pneumatic and hydraulic systems

• Repair and maintenance of upholstery

• Preparing cars for use after long storage periods

• Comprehensive or partial car renovation.

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At Legends we pay special attention to the professional reconstruction of every car consistent with the original to the greatest possible extent. The entire process is accompanied by photo documentation so that the customer can have insight into the progress of works at each stage.

Thanks to our access to modern tools, a base of spare parts and a specialised auto detailing studio, we can offer partial renovation, refreshment of the paint work or the interior, or the complete restoration of a car.

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