Mercedes 220 SE Cabrio (W111)

Exceptionally spacious and stylish body, new standards of passive safety, front wheel disc brakes are only some of the advantages of the Mercedes 220 SE Cabrio W111 series.


The Cabrio version was launched in September 1961, two years after presenting the sedan model. This car is a part of the most elegant body lines of open 4-seater limousines. Mechanically and stylistically, the coupé and sedan versions have a lot in common, but none of the four-door body parts could be used in the coupé and convertible. The two body versions of the W111 were the last of the mainly manually made Mercedes models, therefore the price of the coupés and convertibles almost doubled that of the sedans.


This 220 SE Cabrio is one of the 2700 cars of this version produced with a 2.2-litre, six-cylinder M127 engine It came to Poland in 2018 from sunny California.

The car still has its original red paint, black interior and a light brown soft top. W111 has never undergone paint or body repairs, so it is an excellent base for renovation. Colours and engine numbers are compliant with the vin number. It is a rare version with single "bucket" rear seats. It is possible to order the renovation at Legends Duda-Cars.

Technical details

Brand Mercedes-Benz
Model W111
Body type Cabrio
Year 1964 r.
Colour Red
Milage 93879 km
Fuel Petrol
Engine power 120 KM
Transmission 4-speed transmission
Fabric Different
Doors 2

Gross price

269 000 PLN

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